Australasian Institute of Engineer Surveyors​

About AIES

AIES offers a wide range of Services and Resources for its members.

Through meetings, forums, publications, website and e-news media, AIES keeps its members up-to-date with technical advances, Standards, Regulations and industry best practice in the inspection and maintenance of plant and hazardous equipment including boilers and pressure equipment. It also provides a forum for discussion, the sharing of experience and knowledge, and the promulgation of professional standards.

AIES Lifetime Members

AIES Personal Membership is available to suitably qualified and certified persons, such as those certified by the Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP). Associate Category is also available for people who may be entering the industry, or who do not possess all the above credentials but who have some technical competence and interest in the area of hazardous equipment and plant.

AIES Affiliate/Corporate Membership is available to organisations and companies active in the sector which wish to demonstrate their support for, and role in, the Pressure Equipment industry as a whole, and to promote the role of Engineer Surveyors and Inspectors of Pressure Equipment in the delivery of quality services to the sector.

Renew Your Membership

You can now renew your membership online.

AIES Objectives

1. Promote the development and practice of inspection of plant and equipment and coordinate its activities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Equipment shall include boilers and pressure vessels.
2. Advance the interests of all those engaged in the profession and safeguard their status and character.
3. Establish, promote, form, regulate and control any division of the Association in each State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand pursuant to the objectives of the Association.
4. Foster fraternal sympathy amongst members and stimulate discussion of all matters related to hazardous equipment.
5. Promote a uniform standard for inspectors throughout Australia and New Zealand
6. Promote self regulation by the adoption of relevant Regulations and Standards and recognition of those accepted as members of the Association.
7. Encourage industry in the use of member’s services for hazardous equipment inspection and all related activities to ensure safety in the workplace.
8. Promote public and environmental safety in the design, fabrication, testing, installation and inspection of hazardous equipment.